Mimi may be emancipated, but she’s on the ropes — into the boxing ring, specifically — in the just released a new video for her current single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” which also features rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

As with anything from Carey’s universe, there’s a distinct level of Mimi fabulosity to the clip. Dressed to the nines in a couple of chic, midriff-baring dresses — girl looks good! — Carey is a part of rapper Meek Mill’s entourage (he plays the boxer at the center of the action). Rick Ross is also a sundry member of the boxer’s crew. Do you get it? The winner of the match will be triumphant!

The best part is when Carey plays the role of a “boxing ring girl” (yes, this is a technical term — I looked it up) and holds up various cards announcing rounds. The oddest part is that, while Carey is clearly the star of the show, she relinquishes lots of precious screen time over to Meek Mill and Rick Ross for their rapping interludes. Carey would be nothing more than a pretty-girl afterthought if it weren’t for those card-carrying moments and the cuts to her in front of a — you guessed it — glittery screen (inventive!). But, in the end, it’s all very fitting for the song’s vibe.

Watch the video here:

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