By Kyle Anderson
Updated August 21, 2012 at 04:45 PM EDT
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Most television dramas tend to deliver their biggest emotional cues via borrowed pop and rock songs. Breaking Bad is one of the few that draws much of its impact from its original score, constructed by composer Dave Porter.

The ASCAP award winner (not to be confused with this musical David Porter) has become known for building Bad‘s tension and whimsy depending on what situation Walter White has gotten himself into on any given week.

Next Tuesday, August 28, Madison Gate Records will release Breaking Bad: Original Score From the Television Series, the second soundtrack from the show which features 20 tracks from all five seasons of the show.

Check out the exclusive track listing and give a listen to an exclusive sample from the score below. (You can also preorder the album on iTunes here):

Breaking Bad: Original Score From the Television Series

1. “Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended)”

2. “Matches In The Pool”

3. “Smoking Jesse’s Pot”

4. “Gray Matter”

5. “The Morning After”

6. “Three Days Out”

7. “Vent”

8. “Baby’s Coming”

9. “Jane’s Demise”

10. “The Cousins”

11. “Hank In Pursuit”

12. “The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg’s Theme)”

13. “Searching For Jesse”

14. “Aztek”

15. “Four Corners / Waiting For The End”

16. “Jesse In Mexico”

17. “Crawl Space”

18. “Parking Garage Standoff”

19. “Cleaning House”

20. “Disassemble”


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