Numb3rs David Krumholtz
Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

From 2005 through 2010, for six seasons, actor David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow starred on CBS’ Numb3rs,which followed mathematics genius Charlie Eppes (Krumholtz) and his F.B.I. brother Don (Morrow) as they worked together solving crimes. A solid hit on Friday nights, Numb3rs will likely be best remembered as filmmaker Tony Scott’s first TV series, with his older brother Ridley, through their company Scott Free Productions.

In the wake of Tony Scott’s tragic passing Sunday night due to an apparent suicide, Krumholtz posted a heartfelt remembrance of his former exec producer via Twitter. “He was wild and big and crazy and uncontrollable and he gave it his all, every moment, because he believed in his crew, his cast, and the show,” Krumholtz writes. “It saddens me that something inside him told him to take his incredible life spirit away from us, from the film making community.” Check out the full tribute below:

Krumholtz can currently be seen on HBO’s The Newsroom as the therapist for news anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels); he’ll star in the new CBS sitcom Partners this fall.

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