She's been a doctor, a teacher, a diplomat, an unfulfilled '60s housewife, a certain expert archer from District 12, and a country singing superstar, among others — but this might be the first time Barbie is actually a man.

This December, Mattel will begin shipping a doll called "The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie." Like many of her collectable pals, this little lady boasts a killer sparkly dress, carefully coiffed blond hair, and legs for days. The twist? She's wearing an outfit inspired and designed by Phillipe Blond, a drag enthusiast who doubles as half of the fashion designer duo The Blonds. (David Blond is his other half; he worked on Blond Diamond Barbie as well.)

And what an outfit: "Barbie wears a stunning silvery mini corset dress—designed by The Blonds themselves—featuring countless sculpted faux gems and a full length faux fox fur. Of course, luscious blonde curls frame her beautiful face. Accessories include silvery jewelry suite and glitter pumps," an official description on Barbie Collector reads.

If you'd like to add this dragalicious figurine to your collection, you may be out of luck; she's already so popular that dolls are on backorder. Play your cards right, though, and that special someone just might surprise you with a Barbie who oozes charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent when the holidays roll around. Chante, she'll stay!

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