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It took 28 minutes for Oprah to bring up the “C” word (as in Chris Brown), and much of what Rihanna said during the 16 minutes that he was discussed was leaked last week. But it was still profound to watch the 24-year-old superstar revisit her emotions from the night in 2009 when Brown brutally assaulted her.”It was embarrassing, humiliating, hurtful,” she said. “I lost my best friend.” Some of her other comments left Oprah (and no doubt many viewers) with mixed emotions. “I was more concerned about him,” she said, adding that everybody thought he was a monster and he just needed help. Oprah replied with, “that is really powerful.” As for where they stand now, she said they are “very close friends” and then said a most unsettling sentence, “we have maintained a very close friendship ever since the restraining order was dropped.” There was some Freudian stuff about her dad discussed, mostly about how she was able to forgive Chris Brown when she forgave her father (who had been physically abusive to her mother). And though many viewers find what Chris Brown did to be completely unforgivable, regardless of needing help or family history, Rihanna responded to them by saying it was her personal decision to get past the abuse. Oprah added her two cents by saying “You forgiving him does not mean that you are weak or that you are a vicitm.” All in all, it was just terribly sad to see Rihanna, a strong woman and sensational artist, say with tears in her eyes that “I think he was the love of my life.”

And though the Chris Brown segments will be what everyone talks about tomorrow morning, there were a few other highlights of the interview at One Sandy Lane, where I really really really want to go on my next vacation (the one I’ll take when I win the lottery). First of all, I’m obsessed with Rihanna’s late grandmother Gran Gran Dolly. Loving her words of wisdom that a man should always love a woman more than she loves him. “They’ll only meet you halfway if they love you a little more,” she said to her granddaughter. The footage driving around Barbados was cute, if it seemed a bit like filler after the intense interview. And the poor girl now living in Rihanna’s house looked a little traumatized being hugged by the superstar though. (Come on, girl! Put on a smile! After all, Oprah had bellowed that only one camera was allowed into your home!) Finally, I’m curious as to what was in Rihanna’s Hawaiian Punch-red drink. Any thoughts, readers? Is “Who are you?” a good or completely annoying question? Do you feel like you know more about Rihanna now? Do you have thoughts about anything from the shallow (drink) to the heavy (Chris Brown)?