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August 19, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Falling Skies has been spicing up its addicting recipe of sci-fi, family drama, action and major creep-outs throughout its second season, and it all came to a head in tonight’s finale.

SPOILER ALERT! Be afraid, very afraid, almost as afraid as you are of crawlies, to read on if you haven’t yet watched the Falling Skies season finale.

The 2nd Mass’ season-long journey to Charleston ended in disappointment and new lessons for the Revolutionary War-alluding show. Fans got some fun surprises (and spine-tingling ones!) in “A More Perfect Union,” the season 2 capper to the Steven Spielberg-produced TNT show.

After watching the cliffhanger-filled finale (and taking some time to catch our breath afterward) EW chatted with showrunner Remi Aubuchon. The writer/producer is currently knee-deep in prep for season 3, which begins shooting in less than three days! But he took a break from his work in Vancouver, Canada to talk at length with us about shooting the finale and what fans can expect when Falling Skies returns next summer for another 10-episode season.

Aubuchon talked about the new addition to their lineup of alien species, revealed what Red Eye was silently saying to Ben as he died and cleared up a point of confusion about the skitters that’s been a subject of great debate among fans since Lourdes and Anne made a major discovery last season. Read on for answers to your burning questions.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There was a lot of big stuff going on in this episode, as should be the case with a season finale. What was the sentiment for you and the other writers as you got started on this episode?

REMI AUBUCHON: We actually planned for a fairly big ending right at the beginning of prepping the second season and beginning to talk about it. I’d say at least 70 percent of what we talked about doing right at the beginning of figuring out season 2 we ended up doing in [the finale], which was awesome in many ways. But the main thing that we really felt strongly about was we needed to have some kind of sense of victory. The first season – I won’t say it ended on a downer, but it certainly ended with us getting our butts whipped, and we just felt like we wanted to have a sense of “You know what? It’s a year later, and we’ve learned how to do some things, and one thing we’ve been able to do is take the fight to the enemy,” and that’s kind of what we started with.

So 70 percent of what you imagined for the finale got in. What happened to the other 30 percent?

There’s some things that we pulled out and put in other episodes earlier. I had been pitching when I pitched to Steven [Spielberg] and Michael [Wright, TNT’s head of programming], as I have to do at the beginning of each season, and I had this whole thing of saying, “Thousands of skitters are gonna come down one side of the mountain! And another thousand rebel skitters are gonna come down the other side of the mountain! And they’re gonna clash, and they’re gonna fight! And in the midst of all this comes a herd of spiked kids!” And obviously we didn’t do a big version of that, but we did a small version of it.

I really liked the scene when the 2nd Mass gathers around the rebel skitters to shield them, and the final scene with Red Eye was powerful too.

In a weird way it’s a little bit of a call back to the pilot episode in the first season where they for the first time gathered around a dying skitter, but it was done in a non-sympathetic way. Hopefully we had gained some sympathy for Red Eye and to see how far we’ve changed, or at least Tom and the 2nd Mass had changed in their attitude toward skitters that not all skitters are bad and this one in particular was actually someone we will miss. It’s unspoken, they never say that directly, but I think it resonates, which are my favorite kinds of scenes in Falling Skies to do.

So there’s a new alien in our midst! What kinds of speculation about this creature are you hoping to hear from fans?

One of the things that I hope the fans will see is that of course this is an alien that doesn’t look anything like the aliens we’ve been confronted with since the beginning of the series. And in fact there’s a certain benign-ness. It’s uncertain as to whether or not he’s friendly or unfriendly, but the one thing that we can definitely determine is he kind of looks a little like us in a way. His eyes do not seem as shark eye-like as the overlords’ eyes did or even the skitters who have a frightening look to them. So I’m hoping that some of the speculation will be “Wow, this is not only a game changer, this could be a game changer for the good.” And then that begs the question of “is it too good to be true?” I’m hoping that there’s a lot of questions running around the blogosphere and the Internet world because I think that that’s certainly what we had intended.

Ben said very mysteriously that the giant weapon they destroyed is pointed at the sky because “it isn’t meant for humans.” Is it safe to assume that there’s some connection with this and the new alien?

Well, it seems to be a big coincidence that they took down this huge weapon, and all of the sudden these guys landed. So I would say that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that there must be some kind of connection between the two of them.

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