Expendables 2
Credit: Frank Masi

Welcome back, boys.

Sylvester Stallone and his motley crew of The Expendables 2 co-stars handily blazed to the top of the box office on Friday, shooting up $10.5 million, which should yield a final weekend gross in the $27 million range.

While the grizzled action heroes will nab the number one spot on the chart this weekend, Expendables 2 is already proving weaker — despite more muscle — than its 2010 predecessor, which grossed $13.3 million on its opening day (21% higher than Expendables 2) on the way to a $34.3 million weekend.

The Bourne Legacy held second place on Friday with $5.3 million, a 62 percent decline from its opening day one week ago. The Jeremy Renner-ized sequel may gross $17 million over the full frame, which would give Legacy a ten-day total of $69.6 million — about what The Bourne Ultimatum earned on its opening weekend.

ParaNorman and Sparkle are racing neck-and-neck for third place, as both films earned an estimated $4.6 million yesterday. (Technically, ParaNorman estimates barely beat Sparkle with $4,560,000 vs. $4,550,000, but ParaNorman distributor Focus did have the advantage of sending out numbers an hour later than Sony.) ParaNorman‘s family audience and Sparkle’s older female audience should help them play well over the rest of the weekend, and they’re likely looking at $14 million grosses over three days.

Still, both those films could be surpassed by last weekend’s breakout political comedy The Campaign, which laughed up another $4.2 million on Friday and could be headed to a $14 million weekend as well.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green started outside the Top 5 on its first Friday, during which it earned $3.4 million. The family drama, which stars Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner, had already grossed $4.7 million since its Wednesday opening, so a likely $10.3 million weekend would give the picture a five-day total of $14.5 million

In milestone news, after a $3.1 million Friday, The Dark Knight Rises passed the $400 million mark at the domestic box office yesterday, its 29th day of release. Its predecessor, The Dark Knight, achieved this number in just 18 days, but The Dark Knight Rises is still a massive hit headed to a worldwide finish above $1 billion.

1. The Expendables 2 – $10.5 million

2. The Bourne Legacy – $5.3 million

3. ParaNorman – $4.6 million

3. Sparkle – $4.6 million

5. The Campaign –$4.2 million

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