From my time as an extra, I am all too familiar with the process of being turned into a zombie for AMC’s The Walking Dead. It basically involves sitting still for 90 minutes while people slap prosthetics and blood all over your face, and then blind you by sticking demon contact lenses into your eyes. But if you want to see for yourself just what it’s like, then we have a special treat for you — a time-lapse video showing the entire process of a lovely lady being transformed into a flesh-eating ghoul right before our very eyes. And why would she subject herself to such a process? To be part of Entertainment Weekly’s Walking Dead cover shoot!

That’s right, while there may not be a new EW on stands this week due to last week’s Fall Movie Preview double issue, next week will bring a special first look cover at season 3 of The Walking Dead. What will the cover look like? Who will be on it? I can’t tell you! (Yet.) But we can show you monster makeup guru and Walking Dead exec producer Greg Nicotero (in the badass red Millennium Falcon t-shirt) and his team in action, and what it takes to turn a perfectly nice woman into a member of the undead. In this special time-lapse video below we show you the entire 90-minute process in under 90 seconds. See what it takes to become an Entertainment Weekly zombie, and then keep your eyes peeled for next week’s big Walking Dead cover. Or should I say…covers? And for more breaking Walking Dead news, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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