Perhaps the most perplexing new couple to emerge from the reality TV cesspool this summer is Bachelor Pad‘s Kalon and Lindzi. She’s the sweet blonde who got dumped by Ben despite wearing the most kick-ass green velvet cape Switzerland had ever seen. He’s the intentionally unlikable “luxury brand consultant” who arrived at Casa Bachelorette in a rented helicopter and then repeated himself by driving up to the Bachelor Pad in a rented Porsche. Somehow, these two opposites have found themselves really attracted to each other, and Kalon definitely gets about 400 percent less douchey whenever he’s around Lindzi. In this sneak peek at Monday’s episode, when the duo goes on a one-on-one date in the middle of a deserted bridge, we see why. “When I look in Lindzi’s eyes, I see a woman who’s going to allow me to be myself and not have to apologize for that,” gushes Kalon. According to Lindzi, the real Kalon is “one of the most funny, genuine, kind people that I’ve ever met.” God help me, am I seriously rooting for this couple? Do me a favor, rose lovers: Click through to watch the preview of the Kalon-Lindzi date and tell me if I’m crazy.

What do you think, rose lovers? Is this showmance for real, or is Lindzi just a victim of Kalon’s kalculated kampaign to be the summer’s most annoying reality TV villain?

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