The Price Is Right is hiring its first male model this fall. Forget Barker's Beauties; October 2012 is all about Carey's Cutie. A few of our Burning Questions re: this bizarre development are below. Add yours!

What's the ideal? Who exactly are Price is Right viewers looking for here? Would 70-year-old grandmoms prefer a young stud in his early 20s fondling their consumer products, or are we talking more, like, orange whisperer Ty Burrell? Is it Alex Pettyfer or Phillip Baker Hall? Is it Channing Tatum or William Shatner?

Who am I kidding? I know, I know. It's Jon Hamm.

And this jacket: Is it James Dean or Jason Priestley? And does anyone who watches Price is Right get that reference?

Costuming? What will the lucky fondler be wearing? A suit? Golfwear? Turtlenecks? Just one turtleneck? Since I've already decided the winner of the male model search will be Ty Burrell, I think the costume should be a colorful Mr. Rogers cardigan over a white work shirt. If it's a Jon Hamm type, though: Just the work shirt. (And could he build me a playhouse?)

Verbal skills? Really? According to the casting call, candidates must demonstrate verbal skills as well as the ability to pose and "properly showcase a product." If they're looking for a standup comedian here, I suddenly think this is a terrible idea. We've got Drew Carey!

Why only a week? The web series' winner gets to join the show for five days only. What they should really do is incorporate the contest into the show, or at least feature a male-model lounge off to the side (à la Dancing With the Stars' "celebriquarium"), where hopefuls could practice their product-fondling. And this should go on for a billion weeks or until Drew Carey just up and quits.

Did Magic Mike have something to do with this? Ugh.

Can the five-episode web series feature Janice Dickinson as a consultant? Please? Sometimes I worry about her.

Will Drew Carey feel left out? He's so used to feeling like the hottest hunk in the studio. Will being out-handsomed make him try harder to charm the female contestants? Nothing like a little competition to bring out the best/worst in an alpha male.

Anything to add?

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