By Breia Brissey
Updated August 16, 2012 at 09:16 PM EDT
Liane Hentscher/Fox; Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Is Fringe‘s Walter Bishop getting legal advice from The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick? It could happen in a parallel universe, but what are the chances we’ll see a crossover episode in this dimension? Some TV conspiracy theorists think they’ve found the hidden sign that points to yes — Red Vines. Beth Kushnick, set decorator for The Good Wife, sets the record straight on the candy connection.

“Before The Good Wife, I worked on Fringe,” says Kushnick, who dressed the sets on the first two seasons of the sci-fi series. “In Fringe, Walter Bishop (John Noble) has a lot of candy in his apartment. Then, there is a character on The Good Wife called David Lee (Zach Grenier), whose whole thing is sweetening people up, so he has a lot of candy in his office. I used red licorice in both scenes and on a fan site people [started] talking about Alicia becoming the Walter’s attorney.” Given that Walter is obsessed with Red Vines — and that Fringe fans helped savethe show from cancellation in 2011 when they sent bucket-loads of the confection to Fox HQ — have the detail-oriented viewers stumbled onto something?

Sadly, no. “I used red licorice, I’d never even heard them called Red Vines,” Kushnick explains, assuring us it’s just a coincidence. “I just provide what the script asks for.”

Did you notice the Red Vines connection? And would you watch a Good Wife/Fringe crossover?

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