What does a band have to do to impress a model these days? After all these years, it looks like Green Day’s still trying to figure that out.

To help jumpstart their upcoming ¡Uno!¡Dos!¡Tre!blitz, Billie Joe Armstrong and the boys have dropped a relaxed, tomfoolery-filled video for their album trilogy’s first single, “Oh Love.” The Samuel Bayer-directed clip shows the band performing in a rehearsal space for a small audience of boreder-than-thou pretty ladies. Only after the punk-y single starts kicking into gear do the women start acknowledging that a multi-platinum rock band is playing 10 feet away from them — but even then, they seem pretty over it.

See it all go down in the video below:

We have to say, the video’s laid-back, nothing-to-prove vibe seems like the perfect match for the song, a throwback to their pre-concept-album days. And given their epic promotional strategy for the next two seasons, it’s probably wise to conserve their energies for the time being.

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