By Andrew Santana
Updated August 15, 2012 at 09:30 PM EDT
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If there was one thing that Avon, Stringer, and co. taught us in their run as heads of the Barksdale Drug Organization on HBO’s critically acclaimed series ‘The Wire,’ it was proper cell phone etiquette.

As String once made it clear to D’Angelo (you know, before he ruthlessly ordered a hit on him, R.I.P., D!), that code was quite simple: “no phones.” Four years after ‘The Wire’ has gone off the air, however, there is one Baltimore drug kingpin who is still willing to talk. has discovered that dialing the digits to Marlo Stanfield’s cell-phone, revealed to all in a hand-to-hand exchange with shady defense lawyer Maury Levy, connects you to an audio recording of the usually subdued Marlo reminding us all what’s in a name.

‘Wire’ fans apparently have Baltimore-Washington Telephone Company (BWTel) employee Justin Newman to thank. On his website, Newman claims that he set up the voice clip after realizing that Marlo’s personal number, (410) 915-0909, was a working, Baltimore-area line. (Dating back to the 60s, many TV shows and films have stuck to using fake 555-like numbers to avoid causing prank call hysteria).

Check out the video below to watch a fan go through with the process and reap the reward of a one-on-one conversation with Marlo:


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