August 15, 2012 at 04:01 AM EDT

After 11 weeks of competition, Ali, Blake, and Aylin were the final three contestants going into the Glee Project finale, and casting director Robert promised the trio that there would be only one winner. At the end of the hour, with final last-chance performances from all three, Ryan Murphy made up his mind. The winner of a seven-episode arc on Glee was (SPOILER ALERT!)…Blake! And yes, unlike last year, he was the only winner.

Murphy pointed out that it certainly wasn’t an easy decision, and going into tonight, it seemed like Blake was a bit of an underdog — both Ali and Aylin were buzzier names. The judges — as well as guest mentors such as Darren Criss (Team Ali) and Amber Riley (Team Aylin) — seemed to go back and forth between all three. But in the end, a newly vulnerable Blake, who wrote and read an emotional poem after his last-chance performance, walked away with the gig.

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Update: Check out EW’s interview with Blake Jenner.

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