Summer Tv Awards
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Feeling guilty over the amount of time you’ve spent indoors watching TV since May? Here’s your vindication: Our first annual Summer TV Awards. Help us celebrate the good and call out the bad. Copy and paste the list of categories below into a comment and write in your nominations. Come back tomorrow afternoon when the official nominations are announced and the polls open!

UPDATE: The polls are now open! (And thank you for your patience with the comments not always publishing. We’re looking into it.)

And the categories are…

Best villain (Reality or Scripted):

Sexiest Sexy-People Sex Scene:

Couple You’re ‘Shipping Like Crazy:

Least Despicable Reality TV Contestant:

Most Disturbing Image:

Most Rewound Moment:

Best Action Scene:

Best Verbal Fight:

Single Most Clever Twist:

Single Weakest Twist:

Biggest Disappointment, Entire Show:

Biggest Disappointment, Single Moment:

Top Tissue Moment:

Single Funniest Moment:

Show You Wish You Watched:

Silk Stalkings Memorial Award for USA Network Show of the Summer:*

Special Achievement in Shirtlessness, Olympian Class:

Special Achievement in Shirtlessness, Non-Olympian Class:

Most [Something Politically Correct To Describe An Attractive Human Female]:

Most Anticipated Season Finale:

Show Besides Breaking Bad and Louie That Makes You Feel Good About Watching Summer TV:

*To be clear, Silk Stalkings was awesome.

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