Well! That was a weird episode after a few weeks off. Instead of new routines, the Top 14 performed seven iconic dances from past seasons as a tribute to Mia Michaels. It was great to relive some of her brilliant choreography, but I feel like some of the current contestants got shafted when the judges compared them to the original performers instead of evaluating them on their own merits. Viewers may naturally do the same.

Plus, I’d forgotten how absolutely brutal So You Think You Can Dance‘s new elimination policy is. There’s no results show this season, so after all the couples have performed, Cat Deeley herds her ducklings into an arc of terror and proceeds to pack an hour’s worth of results into just a few minutes. The contestants who face elimination are in that position based on the last week’s routines — or in this case, routines from July 25.

Are you into this? I think it’s crazy and weird!

SPOILERS AHEAD: The four (!!!!) dancers heading home are….


Amelia Lowe

Janelle Issis

Dareian Kujawa

Matthew Kazmierczak

Lindsey Arnold and George Lawrence II landed in the bottom six but were saved by the judges.

Ooh, and in American Idol news, Dareian “dahhhnced for his life” to Joshua Ledet’s rendition of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” and Haley Reinhart’s “Free” is the farewell song that plays as the booted contestants watch clips of their former glory.

Were you happy to see the Mia Michaels routines again, or would you have preferred all-new dances? And do you like the new performance-plus-results episode format?

Discuss tonight’s show in the comments, and stay tuned for’s full recap later on.

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