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Universal is coming off a decent summer, with a big R-rated comedy hit (Ted), a movie that successfully rebooted a money-minting franchise (The Bourne Legacy), and a movie that appeared to kickstart a new money-minting franchise (Snow White and the Huntsman) before recent events intervened. (They also released two Taylor Kitsch movies. But hey, Savages was swell!) The studio just announced the 2013 release dates of seven movies, and it’s a diverse slate. The Melissa McCarthy/Jason Bateman comedy Identity Thief was moved up from May 10 to February 8 release. Likewise, the extra-dimensional rerelease Jurassic Park in 3D — previously slated for a mid-July bow — will now open on April 5. The time-traveling romcom About Time, starring Rachel McAdams and directed by Love Actually‘s Richard Curtis, will hit on May 10.

The biggest release-date news is probably for Kick-Ass 2, the sequel to 2010’s dark superhero action-comedy. The first Kick-Ass had a good-not-great run in theaters, earning about $50 million with an April release date. With Kick-Ass 2, the franchise has been promoted to summertime, and will arrive in theaters on June 28. That means that Universal other dark action comedy based on a comic book — R.I.P.D. — has been moved from a June 28 release date to July 19.

The Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg mob drama 2 Guns will arrive on August 16. And 47 Ronin, the long-delayed Keanu Reeves samurai fantasy, has been delayed again: Originally scheduled for November 2012 and then moved to February 2013, it will now hit theaters on Christmas Day, 2013.

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