August 15, 2012 at 07:41 PM EDT
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Two gorilla brothers, who had been separated for nearly three years, were reunited at a British safari park and instantly reconnected for the cameras, hugging, laughing with each other, and playfully accusing each other of being mom’s favorite.

Both gorillas had been born in the Dublin Zoo; Kesho, 13, had been transferred to a breeding program in London, while Alf, 9, was ultimately transferred to Longleat’s gorilla compound in Wiltshire, where the reunion took place. “The moment they met you could just see the recognition in their eyes,” said Mark Tye, Longleat’s head gorilla keeper. “We put them together 24 hours later and it was like they had never been apart.”

Check out a gallery of touching images here, and check out footage of their excitable reunion after the jump.

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