The Last Stand

Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger has spent the last couple years soft-relaunching his acting career, with a cameo in The Expendables and a slightly larger, more bullet-y cameo in this Friday's Expendables 2. But come January, the beta-testing period will end with The Last Stand, which will mark Schwarzenegger's first leading role since Terminator 3 almost a decade ago. In theory, The Last Stand sounds kind of colorful: Schwarzenegger plays the sheriff of a border town suddenly caught in the crossfire between big-city law enforcement and a renegade cartel gang trying to escape back to Mexico. (Even better: Last Stand is directed by South Korean director Jee-woon Kim, who made the gonzo spaghetti western homage The Good, The Bad, and The Weird.)

But the first poster for The Last Stand just hit the Internet…and it's a bit drab. Check it out:

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Not In His Town. Not On His Watch. You call that a tagline? This film marks the return of one of the great '80s action heroes to the action genre. Also, the only reason that he's "returning" is because he left movies for a while to run The Freaking State of California. Surely we can come up with some better ad copy for the Governator.

Here's a few samples: Write your own in the comments!

Supports Gun Control. His Guns. His Control.

Immigrate Legally. Or Else.

Bullets are His Health Care Policy. And the Coverage…is Universal.

His Social Security is Privatized. But His Fists Belong to the Public Sector.

Girlie Men Need Not Apply.

Meet the Only Thing More Dangerous Than Greenhouse Gases.

He Believes in Tort Reform. BOOM!

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