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Just how does Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) get himself into sticky situations like this one pictured here in season 1 of Revenge? One word: secrets. And it’s just that — again, secrets! — that are heavily spilled in the extras on the Revenge: Season 1 DVD release, which hits retailers a week from today, Aug. 21.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive peek at a particularly juicy extra, “Nolan Ross Exposed,” which features the dastardly Mr. Ross in a recently unearthed sit-down interview with reporter Sarah Juarez (Stephanie Maura Sanchez). You might remember Juarez from news updates during the season finale plane crash, but in the “Nolan Ross Exposed” extra, she grills Nolan about everything from his childhood to his father, and his sexuality to his business, NolCorp. He gamely — often to hilarious effect — answers.

The full “Nolan Ross Exposed” extra is about three minutes long (and even features Sarah asking Nolan about his patented whale cameras), but the minute or so we have here concerns queries about a woman who seems to be something of a nemesis to Nolan. Sarah suggests that Nolan’s business has succeeded because of this mysterious (and now jettisoned) woman, and that’s where this EW exclusive clip picks up — and where the billionaire gets extremely defensive and sassy. “I’m not denying that she’s smart, but she obviously pulled the wool over your eyes, though — that wouldn’t be difficult,” says Ross. “I’m just saying there’s a reason that Swift Tech is located so close to my coattails.”

What is Swift Tech? That’s unclear, but it could very clearly be a great clue to someone who’s out to get Nolan, who in turn wanted this interview buried. “Either you fork over the tape in that camera…” Nolan tells the reporter, who retorts with: “…or what?” The best part, though, comes at the end, when it becomes clear that the interview’s secrets are valuable: The video pans out and it’s revealed that the clip is in the possession of none other than the equally-as-cunning Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp). (So much for buried!)

After viewing the video, Emily sends Nolan an email with a sweet-as-pie (but probably untrue) message, assuring him: “Your secret is safe.” Probably not, but we’ll let you draw your own conclusions about Swift Tech and Emily’s motives.

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