So normally, when celebrities release a fragrance, the ad is aspirational. Gaga went in the opposite direction for the commercial for Fame, her first perfume. Gaga herself tweeted the ad out this morning, “THE OFFICIAL TRAILER “FAME” THE FRAGRANCE DIRECTED BY: STEVEN KLEIN.”

This follows a previous trailer that did not feature Gaga, and a print ad that showcased men climbing all over the naked singer. If you needed to see more of the later, you’re in luck. This commercial features tiny men crawling all over her once again (Are we suppose to assume this is the height of Fame?), as well as a futuristic fashion show and plenty of some kind of black goo that is clearly not the fragrance coming out of her mouth… it’s all coming alive like a monster!

I see what she did there.

Check out the 30-second spot below:

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