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The Olympic flame might have gone out in London, but on Bachelor Pad, the wildfires are just starting to burn. With Reid gone, there was a huge shift of power in the house and the people left in the wake had to come together to try and get rid of the now-forming power couples. Our competition this week, the Game Show Mash-Up, was really a no-holds-barred, tell it like it is kind of competition, and let me tell you, it wasn’t long before the claws came out.

The women started off and the rivalry between Jaclyn, Ed’s partner, and Sarah, his recently forsaken lover, goes on. Sarah can’t quite see the connection between Jaclyn and Ed, but I think it’s pretty clear that something is going on. More on that later. In the meantime, the real drama began when Jamie called out Jaclyn for being fake. Jaclyn may be the funny one in the house, but when someone gets under her skin, the jokes stop and her anger really comes out. From that moment on, Jaclyn was gunning for Jamie and no amount of explaining from Jamie was going to change that.

On the men’s side of things, I think we were all pretty surprised to see Ed come out so strong. He has almost literally fallen apart during every single competition so far, yet somehow, on this day, he really brought it. Is it possible we’re seeing a new, more serious side of Ed? Maybe there is salvation for him yet!

This week was the beginning of the one-on-one dates and a return to one of all of our favorite parts of the Bachelor franchise: romance. Big, over-the-top dates are a staple of what we’ve been doing for ten years, and when feelings start to get involved, it really ups the ante for all the players in the game. The date at Dodger Stadium was probably the most amazing date so far this season. Ed and Jaclyn had the place completely to themselves. Getting to run the bases, do some batting practice, and sing the National Anthem (I’m sorry on their behalf, America) is every kid’s dream, and Ed and Jaclyn really stopped thinking about the game and did what everyone should do on a first date: have fun. The fireworks sealed the night and Ed and Jaclyn sealed the evening with a kiss. This relationship is obviously just blossoming, but as the weeks go on, you’ll see that all the relationships in Bachelor Pad take on a life of their own.

Leaving the baseball diamond, we went right back to the love triangle between Blakeley, Chris, and Jamie. Or maybe it’s better to say the “love triangle between Chris, Chris, and Chris.” As complex and crazy as these relationships already were, Chris really took it to the next level this week by deciding to take Sarah out on a date instead of either of the girls who thought they were going to be his partner. The action movie date with Stephen Ho was a lot of fun, but the action back at the house was really just as dramatic. Chris and Sarah really did take it upon themselves to check into that hotel for a makeshift overnight date, seemingly changing the rules of Bachelor Pad. I guess when you’re Chris, you just do whatever you want.

It was another traumatic rose ceremony for so many. I think people have finally realized that no matter what the plan is, the minute I open up the voting booth, everything is out the window. David’s departure marks the end of the fans’ stay in the house. He made it further than anyone thought he would and he represented all of you fans really well. I must admit as much as I like Jamie, it was probably in her best interest to go. I don’t really think she was ready for an experience like Bachelor Pad, and now I’m just looking forward to hearing what she has to say at the finale!

Next week, the relationships ramp up even more and we’ll get to see some new romances begin and some old romances take exciting — and in some cases, tragic — turns. Until then, you can find me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and check out our cast blogs at

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