Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Have you always wanted to show off flashy cars and cozy new living room sets on national television? The Price is Right may be famous for Bob Barker (and now Drew Carey)’s lovely ladies, but now The Price is Right is holding a contest to find its first male model.

In the game show’s nearly 40-year history, the prizes have almost always been displayed by female models, but now one guy will get to try out the gig for a week on the CBS show, which is currently hosted by Drew Carey.

CBS has announced that the search for a male model will air as a five-episode web series on The Price is Right‘s official website and on its YouTube channel in late September. An open casting call will be held in Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 30, when contestants will be judged on “qualities such as their verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product,” a release revealed. The producers will be the judges, along with the show’s female models.

Viewers will pick the ultimate winner by voting online through Oct. 4 at

What do you think, Price is Right fans? Is it about time male models become a regular part of the show, or would you rather see it stick with the old model (pardon the pun)?

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