By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated August 13, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Darren Michaels
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The Closer may be saying goodbye tonight — but thankfully most of the team isn’t.

In the show’s series finale, Kyra Sedgwick’s Lt. Brenda Leigh Johnson is reflecting on her life — personally and professionally — and on the verge of making a major decision. “We recognize the chief is — not unstable — but acting distracted and drifting away during conversation. She has a lot on her mind,” says Closer actor Tony Dennison, who plays Det. Flynn, a character who will cross over to the spin-off Major Crimes.

And Brenda’s emotional issues, one can assume, lead to her decision to relinquish her duties at the station. But there are no hard feelings, says Denison. “We understand why she has to go. It’s not like, ‘Can’t you stay?'” he says. “We send her off with love.”

Enter Major Crimes, a show that centers on Mary McDonnell’s Capt. Raydor and features most of the Merry Men Brenda leaves behind, to fill the void. “It’s like the band played on,” Denison says of the first episode.

That band, however, seems a little out of tune in the exclusive clip from the series finale below. In last week’s episode, the station’s internal leak was revealed to be Sgt. David Gabriel’s girlfriend, and immediately, trust issues began to arise. “My character is a little uneasy having Gabriel around there,” he shares. But can the team patch things up before their fearless leader takes her bow? Or will we enter Major Crimes with some major drama still afoot? Make your guesses below. And for more on Major Crimes, check out the second clip after this exclusive peek at The Closer‘s series finale.


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