Reviews of the latest releases from Haley Reinhart and The Cult

By EW Staff
August 13, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Haley Reinhart, Listen Up!

With a voice that flips from bell-clear lilt to throaty belt in an instant, Idol‘s season 10 growler sounds right at home (although occasionally way overproduced) among the blasting horns on her jazzy debut. The disc’s retro second half is a pure funky delight. B+Grady Smith

The Cult, Choice of Weapon

The Cult are one of the few bands from the Headbangers Ball era to maintain their dignity, thanks to singer Ian Astbury, whose twisted carnival-barker delivery is more haunting and weathered than ever. But his glam-goth strut is undiminished — especially on the rumbling ”Lucifer.” A-Kyle Anderson