August 12, 2012 at 08:40 AM EDT

Congratulations to David Boudia, 23, for becoming the first U.S. diver to win the men’s 10m platform since Greg Louganis in 1988! Pretty damn good for a guy who was afraid of heights as a kid and didn’t climb the platform until he was 13.

Boudia and Great Britain’s Tom Daley (pictured, right), held off the Chinese favorite to win, Qiu Bo, with consistent, confident dives in the first five rounds. The final round was possibly the most exciting in a men’s platform final ever, with Daley’s fans going nuts and only 15 one-hundreths of a point separating the top three heading in. Boudia won the final by just one tenth of a point. And get this — the Indiana native had been the very last diver out of 18 to qualify for yesterday’s semifinals! So this almost didn’t happen.

Grace under pressure (and a crazy-excited host crowd cheering wildly for somebody else) is what makes our guy studly. Of course, there were also the lingering shots of David Boudia in the hot tub.

“Divers LOVE hot water,” enthused NBC diving commentator Ted Robinson.

Perhaps the promise of returning to the hot water in the hot tub inspired Boudia as he clenched up high in the harsh, crisp air during the six most important dives of his life.

Ron Galella/WireImage

It’s safe to say no one expected this from Boudia — the event final was set up, at least in the media, as a showdown between Tom Daley and the Chinese. Good for him for looking forward and focusing. David Boudia rethought possible!

Boudia’s synchro partner Nick McCrory — the pair won bronze last week — deserves a special mention here for some of his FEROCIOUS plunges into the hot tub.

Ron Galella/WireImage

Divers love hot water.

Ron Galella/WireImage

And it goes without saying at this point that we also love Tom Daley. #olympicsporn

For more diving coverage featuring the Top 5 Shots of Tom Daley Showering, head to our Day 15 recap.

My Olympic Stud runners-up: I didn’t watch EVERYTHING today, but I am blown away by all rhythmic gymnasts because what the hell? Who can do that?!?! Plus, Diana Taurasi and Team U.S.A. won gold in women’s hoops. I had mad love as usual for Destinee — my favorite Hooker — and the U.S. indoor volleyball team, who were eclipsed by Brazil yet again for gold. Not only were those Brazilian girls some of the hottest Olympians we’ve encountered — check out their method of celebration!

Total studs. If you un-focus your eyes a little, it almost looks like one of those play-by-play diving diagrams. Well done.

Nominate your own below! They are ALL studs. Just for being there. Ugh, Olympics, DON’T YOU END.

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