By Darren Franich
August 11, 2012 at 06:52 PM EDT

Mitt Romney announced this morning that Congressman Paul Ryan is joining the Romney campaign as the vice-presidential candidate. The news proved a welcome distraction for the Twitterverse (currently preparing itself for the early stages of Olympics withdrawal), as famous names started tweeting their reaction to the news. Some examples:

Michael Ian Black: With this choice, Paul Ryan immediately jumps to frontrunner status as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Congrats.

Seth MacFarlane: The selection of Paul Ryan makes me wonder what the Romney cabinet will look like.

Greg Berlanti: Amongst the millions of reasons I don’t want Romney/Ryan elected: I don’t want a VP only two years older than me. #feeloldenoughalreadythanx

Sanjay Gupta: #43 on the list of things that make you feel old: the VP candidate is younger than you are. paul ryan was born in 1970.

Jared Leto: Today Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, who wants to cut Pell Grant scholarships for nearly 10 million students!

Andy Cohen: I really hope someone has the guts to ask Paul Ryan’s stance on the KStew/RPatz situation in California. #NeedClarification

Warren Ellis (author of the classic dystopian graphic novel series Transmetropolitan, whose main villain is a handsome and sociopathic President): Paul Ryan selected as Republican VP candidate. Timeline once again fills up with #TRANSMETROPOLITAN references!

Michael Moore: Paul Ryan? I guess they plan on winning. It’s all about who is able 2 get more ppl 2 the polls. Ignorance fear & hate r great motivators.

Meghan McCain: Paul Ryan is an inspired and exciting choice. Sincerely. I am a big fan of his. He will make an excellent Vice President. #RomneyRyan2012

John Mulaney: Does this mean Paul Ryan won’t return to “Royal Pains” next season?

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