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Fall TV is coming! Fall TV is coming!

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The NCIS team has been through a lot of tough times together — but could the aftermath of last year’s finale explosion include some deep emotional and psychological consequences? That’s what one guest star will be tasked with finding out in the second episode of the upcoming tenth season. “A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” star Michael Weatherly reveals. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.”

Weatherly assesses: Between Ducky “who talks to dead bodies,” Abby “who’s strung out on Caf-Pow,” DiNozzo’s “series issues,” McGee dad’s troubles, Gibb’s basement of boats and bourbon, and Ziva’s “almost Shakespearean” daddy issues, he laughs, “we are a motley crew of headcases.” “So, yes, there is fallout [from the explosion]. It is dealt with and investigated in the unique fashion of NCIS — liberal doses of drama and comedy.”

To elaborate in the drama department, executive producer Gary Glasberg tells me fans can expect Abby to reach out to her brother early in the season as she deals with trauma following the explosion. “It’s a beautiful couple of scenes, and we’re really excited about it,” he says. So am I! Is it Sept. 25 yet?


To be, or not to be the babydaddy? That is the question. And while it’s the kind of crazy-bananas dilemma we should expect from 90210, that doesn’t mean Trevor Donovan ever expected his character would be wrestling with such a decision. But that’s exactly where the season finale left off — with Silver asking Teddy to help her get pregnant after she rejected both Navid and Liam’s offers to do so. (We’ve all been there! — God, I hope that always remains a joke.) So where does the new season pick up? With a major crisis, obviously.

“It’s going to be addressed in both the first and second episodes and it’ll definitely be a process for it to come to fruition as far as what he decides,” Donovan tells me. “He was as surprised as I was, and obviously he has to contemplate what his role would be in the child’s life, what his father’s role was in his life…there [are] a lot of issues that he’s concerned about.”

And what of Dixon’s crash, that is so bad it’s apparently bringing mom Lori Laughlin back into town? Well, the crash itself is “massive,” he says. But in better news, he reports the episode, while dramatic, doesn’t veer into complete Bummer-ville. “It’s certainly not a depressing episode, that’s for sure. It’ll tap on real life dramatic issues and still have light moments,” he says. “It’s always balanced — we got Naomi! She brings a whole lot of color.”


Let’s review: The season premiere of Bones will focus on getting Brennan out of the majorly sticky situation that literally ran her out of town. Episode two will focus on a high-profile divorce attorney who turns up dead — and provides a nice little parallel as B&B struggle with their own relationship issues. (Though, promises EP Stephen Nathan “It’s not going to be about bitterness. We’re still going to love seeing them together.”) And in episode 3: BOOM! Bomber. Good so far? I certainly think so. And here’s the latest in-the-works Bones episode to get ramped up about: a nod to 2008’s Sunshine Cleaning…sorta.

“We have one murder that involves a crime scene clean up team,” reveals Nathan. And this never-before-seen-but-oh-so-important crew, he adds, are more dangerous than your average criminals. “They are one step ahead of our people and they know how to get rid of evidence.”

Bones duo Nathan and Hart Hanson have said since the summer that the upcoming season (starting Sept. 17) would deliver some of the best murder cases yet, and if this is any indication, keep ’em coming! (In case you missed it: ‘Portlandia’ meets ‘Bones‘?)


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Grimm!! I’m so excited for it to come back. PLEASE help! — Bela

You should be excited. First because I gave you this awesome sneak peek earlier this week. Second because I’ve just watched the first episode, which is awesome! A few tid-bits: Mom reveals a great deal about Nick’s lineage, informs him of a big global threat that looms, and shows Nick that she knows more than a few tricks that he has yet to learn. (One involves a desk.) Meanwhile, Capt. Renard is going flip his Schmidt when he learns of dear ole mom’s arrival — and so will the people with whom he shares that information.

Hi Sandra! I’m loving the new season of White Collar and am wondering if you have any spoiler-y tidbits to share on what’s coming up in the next few episodes. Will we see more of Sara and/or a search for her sister? Thanks! — Sarah L.

Sara next appears in an episode titled “Compromising Positions,” airing Aug. 28. The episode finds Peter and Neal going up against a high-powered “political fixer.” But an episode I think you’ll really find interesting? Episode 16. It involves a ring.

I saw your tweet asking for Touch questions. I’ll take any scoop on the new season! — Daniel

The season premiere picks up ten minutes after the finale, and immediately introduces a few new characters to our world, at least one of which (you might guess) will be a major threat to Martin and Jake and has murder on the mind. But it’s why that will really surprise you.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Sandra!! I NEED some Nikita scoop. Or Mikita scoop. Or ANY scoop on my fave show. Love ya. — Aly

You know who has problems with authority? If your guess was Nikita — ding, ding! And this will create a little problem when Jake takes over as boss in the new season and has more than a few growing pains. “Right away in the first episode, Ryan makes a decision while Nikita is on a mission that does not sit well with her at all,” teases Maggie Q. “So already it’s starting to boil up”. Two additional bits: 1) At Comic-Con, EP Craig Silverstein mentioned a makeover for Amanda (Melinda Clarke, pictured). But I hear the plans have dialed back a bit to accommodate flashbacks. However, he assures it will features a new wardrobe and be a “twist” on her current look. And 2) Remember that “wedge” that supposedly comes between Michael and Nikita? I hear it’s a big one — so big it could drive her into someone else’s arms!

Supernatural scoop please! I’m so excited about the new season because I’ve loved everything I’ve heard the new showrunner say! Any chance he’s going to deliver? — Tanya S.

I can tell you I’m as encouraged as you are, especially when I asked new EP Jeremy Carver, who penned faves like “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” about the emotional weight of the first few episodes. “I think as far as specific episodes, I think we have an episode that is all the things I love in terms of being fun and deeply, deeply emotional. It’s one Ben Edlund wrote,” he says.

Happy Endings. Scoop would be AMAHZ-ING! — Jenn

Ever been jobless? Happy Endings creator David Caspe thinks Brad doesn’t seem like the type of guy who’s ever been, which is why the guy is going to have such a hard time being in the unemployment bracket for the first part of the upcoming season. “He’ll kind of stumble at first and then try and [try to] find a career he likes,” he says. “We’ve gone through nine episodes so far and we haven’t gotten him to a place yet where he’s found a gig that he likes.” Maybe he and Jess should start a business…?

Homeland spoilers, please! — Lynn

Brody has a shovel in the final moments of the premiere. You use a shovel to bury things.

Hey Sandra. When we last left Dixie, Dr. Hart was whistling…and then just about got caught whistling perhaps the wrong tune??? Any skinny on the three love triangles down in what we affectionately call LA – Lower Alabama! Thanks, LA

Your question is Southerm, it makes me want iced tea and pecan pie. (Mmm.) So I’ll try to answer in our lingo: One of them ladies who’d been battin’ her lashes at dem boys gonna be awfully worried pretty darn soon. Could she be carryin’ a bun in her oven? Scandalous, y’all!

NCIS: LA scoop would be AWESOME! Also, I’d love you forever. — Franka

I do love eternal love… Fine, here you go: Don’t look for a time jump in episode 1 — because it happens in episode 2, which takes place three months in the future. (They even talk about their vacations!) Episode two also happens to be the very berry buzzy Kensi/Deeks ep that fans will adore. Additionally, look forward to a two-part Sam-centric episode during sweeps that’ll blow your mind!

Any good dish on Suburgatory? – -Viv

As you may have heard, it’s on between Dallas and George! And is sure to make your average dating stories all the more hilarious. Case in point? An episode early in the season that finds Dallas trying to seduce George! “It’s basically the first episode where she seduces him and I told [Cheryl] that she needs to mentally prepare herself for what we’re doing,” Emily Kapnek tells me. “Dallas is so over the top, so of course the first time they sleep together there’s going to be wardrobe, lights, dry ice, a choir, lowered down from the ceiling. Insanity. Pure insanity.”

Matthew Gray Gubler
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I need to know more about Reid’s love interest on Criminal Minds! PLEASE! — Corinne

You seem as eager to see this as I am. So here’s something to hold you over, straight from CM‘s exec producer Erica Messer: “It’s an opportunity to have a relationship like none other on television. It’s very old-fashioned and lovely and we’re all happy to go down this path with Reid in discovering this new part of himself.,” says Messer. “Matthew [Gray Gubler] is very involved in the development of this story and the casting. We felt it was most important for this to be someone that could be Reid’s equal and in a world where Reid has no equal, that was a difficult task.” My mind swirls with casting possibilities. But you go first…

Anything on Revenge? — Lauren

Get ready for, as Gabriel Mann puts it, “a leaner, meaner, bigger, badder Nolan.” “I think [he’s] very tired of being tied up and tortured last year,” Mann says. “How about I throw out [the word] karate? I’m going to throw karate out there. Whatever you want to do with that.”

(Additional reporting by Nuzhat Naoreen)

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