By Dan Snierson
August 10, 2012 at 11:25 PM EDT
Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

You have watched him hump a dead moose, slurp milk straight from the source, and drop rhymes about the many whereabouts of his buttocks. What you haven’t seen Tom Green do is his own stand-up special. That changes tonight with the debut of Tom Green Live (Showtime, 10 p.m. ET/PT, repeats tomorrow and later this month). The 41-year-old comedian, who has been on tour for the last two years, offers up an hour-long, energy-strong Boston gig that covers such topics as texting, pornography, celebrity, and Saddam Hussein’s junk. The special is followed by a half-hour documentary titled The History of The Tom Green Show, which traces the journey of his bizarro “social experiment” stunt series from Canadian public access TV to MTV and beyond. EW decided to let Green run wild in this very post and promote this latest project… if he also apologized for a previous pop culture sin. Did he select Freddy Got Fingered, which he trumpets in his stand-up special as “the most critically reviled film in the history of cinema” to big cheers? Scroll down and drink up.

Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

WATCH THIS (Tom Green Live)


I think we should all deactivate our Facebook Accounts and reactivate them in 20 years and we would all be young and beautiful and all our friends would be OLD.”
 Yes, that’s what I believe, and you’ll hear more of these crazy ideas as you wet your pants watching my HILARIOUS VERY FIRST STAND-UP SPECIAL!

 Yeah, I said it… my VERY FIRST STAND-UP SPECIAL. Will I sing “The Bum Bum Song“? Tune in and find out. What will I say about the dangers of texting? Pornography! Politics! What have I been up to since I was fired by Donald Trump after going out drinking with Dennis Rodman while I was the Project Manager on Celebrity Apprentice? SO, COME ON! Tune in and LAUGH! The kind of laugh that you used to laugh when laughing was really laughing. Years-ago kind of laughing and snickering — and some snorting to boot. Let’s all chortle. Remember when you would chortle? Chortle? Remember when?


SORRY ABOUT THAT (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance, June 2002)

I got drunk on The Tonight Show. It was one of the many surreal moments that came to pass during my MTV days. I was so honored to be invited onto The Tonight Show that I was inspired to drink shot after shot of Jagermeister while being interviewed by Jay. The audience cheered every shot, so I overdid it. Did I knock over a mic stand or spill Jay’s water cup? All I know is the next guest was Rosario Dawson who came on stage with a bottle of wine. I was so wasted at this point, I pretty much blacked out. I hardly remember vomiting in the limo home. Although I was fine after a little hair of the dog, I wasn’t prepared for the media frenzy that ensued. It seemed like there were articles in every paper in the country headlined “Tom Green, Dead Drunk on The Tonight Show.”  I was a kid experimenting with the media and trying to do something different. I apologize to Rosario Dawson for spilling wine on her dress.