How does Jeremy Renner's man-on-the-run Aaron Cross from ''The Bourne Legacy'' stack up against Matt Damon's Jason Bourne? We compared two of their most badass sequences.

Aaron Cross
The Big Bad Wolf
In the snowy Alaskan wilderness, Cross traps a ravenous wolf in a net hanging from a tree. He then pries open the beast’s jaws with a stick and inserts a tracking device (that he removed from his own leg) down its throat. Result? The bad guys’ missile hits the unlucky lycan, not our hero.

Thrilla in Manila
To shake a team of SWAT officers, Cross parkours across the tin roofs of a Manila slum before sliding down into a narrow alley, where he smashes one cop with his feet before bashing the other with his fists — much to the relief of a would-have-been-toast Marta (Rachel Weisz).

Jason Bourne
Magazine Smackdown
Bourne defends himself against a blade-wielding assassin with a rolled-up magazine. Several blows to his attacker’s face later, he finishes the job by strangling the guy, ripping a gas leak, and sticking the mag in a toaster to trigger an explosion that blows up the house. (The Bourne Supremacy)

Tangier Towel-Snap
He scurries over Tangier rooftops, leaps over an alley, and crashes through a glass window into a high-rise, where an enemy agent is waiting for him. Bourne takes several haymakers to the head before finishing his assailant off by strangling him with a bath towel. (The Bourne Ultimatum)

Winner: Jason Bourne
Cross’ bit with the wolf shows the dude can be creative under extreme pressure, but nothing tops Bourne’s magazine number. Self-defense and literacy, all in one swift stroke!

The Bourne Legacy
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