Reviews of the latest songs from Mariah Carey, Bob Dylan, and more

Mariah Carey feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill, ”Triumphant (Get ‘Em)”
On the sleepy lead single from her first album as a mama, Mimi drives a soft-pop car pool for her two younger guest stars, gently cooing the chorus like she’s trying not to wake “dem babies” up from nap time. It’s nice that her voice is still brushed-cotton smooth; here’s hoping she uses it for more than just swaddling on her upcoming LP. B- Adam Markovitz

Bob Dylan, ”Early Roman Kings”
This track from Dylan’s forthcoming Tempest is a great song — and that song is Muddy Waters’ blues classic “Mannish Boy,” which Bob doesn’t so much borrow from as kidnap and tie up in his basement while gnomically expectorating about “high-top boots” and “top hats and tails.” C+ Clark Collis

Grizzly Bear, ”Yet Again”
The arty Brooklyn darlings’ new one begins par for the course — which, for these Bears, means somewhere off the fairway. The underwater melodies and expansive production here are expectedly pretty, but the real treat comes at the end, when the track suddenly turns into an id-rattling guitar freak-out. B+ Ray Rahman