In 1984, America’s cold war with the Soviet Union was heating up again. Soviet troops were in Afghanistan, the countries had traded petty Olympic boycotts, and President Ronald Reagan was calling the Soviet Union an “evil empire.” It was the perfect time for Red Dawn, an action adventure that pitted wholesome American teenagers (Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson) against a Soviet/Cuban invasion of the United States. Obviously, we won. (The Berlin Wall’s fall was inevitable after the Wolverines’ heroic victory.)

The times have certainly changed, but Red Dawn is back, with Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson taking to the streets to beat back the invaders. They are still the Wolverines, and the trailer includes a favorite scene from the original where the kids ambush some enemy soldiers by popping out of covered trenches. But who are they fighting again? Russians? Nope. Cubans? Uh-uh. Chinese! Holy iPods, bite your tongue! Um, North Koreans? Bingo! The North Koreans are coming! The North Koreans are coming! And this time, it is no police action!!

You may recall that this movie was made nearly three ago, with the original villains being from a large non-Korean Asian country that is a homonym for a delicate brand of tableware. During several delays, a little CG magic was utilized to wallpaper any evidence of said country, since said country has a huge movie market and owns your house. However, I think I caught a glimpse of some red and yellow that slipped through the cracks (right around the 1:53 mark).

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