EW talks to the directors about their new film, ''Cloud Atlas''

By Adam Markovitz
August 10, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

How did you three meet?
  Tom Tykwer 
In 2002, I heard the Wachowskis were still looking for music for the last two parts of the [Matrix] trilogy. I’m also a musician, so I was like, ”Hey, would you want a music track? Why don’t we meet?”
Lana Wachowski We sent him flowers after dinner because we were so excited to talk to him about movies. It was love at first sight. So we were looking for a project [together] at the exact time that Cloud Atlas fell into our laps.

Are you alike as directors?
All three of us have an affection for touching subjects that have a certain abstract dimension.
  Lana Wachowski Run Lola Run was the first movie in quite a long time where I walked out, bought another ticket, and I walked back in.

You share writing and directing credits on Cloud Atlas but shot the movie with two separate crews. How did you split up your duties? 
Lana Wachowski We wrote every line together. We planned the shoot together, did the schedule together, and cut every single frame together. And whenever we could shoot together, we did.

Andy and Lana, this is the first time you’ve worked together as Andy and Lana instead of Andy and Larry. Was there any difference for you?
Andy Wachowski We’re brother and sister. I mean, it’s different in the way people perceive it. But the set is our set, and we run it like we always run it.
  Lana Wachowski Andy has always been my best friend in the world, and we just have a good time when we’re hanging out making things up. That’s always been the same.