If we can’t get Rome back on HBO, would a series about Cleopatra do?

NBC is developing a drama about the infamous queen of Egypt. (Talk about your period dramas!) Penned by Michael Seitzman (North Country), the project is from Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Pictures and ABC Studios. As first reported by Deadline, NBC has ordered a put pilot — TV speak for a project that must air, lest the net wants to pay substantial penalty fees.

The last time Cleopatra showed up on TV was in the HBO drama Rome, which featured Lyndsey Marshal in the recurring role. Cleopatra has always been depicted as an incredible and sexy beauty, so the search for perfect actress should be a fascinating one. (Though seriously, doesn’t this seem like a role made for Homeland’s Morena Baccharin?)

Who do you think could top Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra?