As Tim Gunn would say: That’s a lot of look.

Lady Gaga tweeted out her September Vogue cover late Wednesday night, and as one might expect, there is quite a bit going on from the woman who regularly refers to herself as a monster.

Gaga may sing about her own “Hair,” but for Vogue, she went with a teased-out RuPaul-inspired weave. She dons a Marc Jacobs fishtail gown for her return engagement as cover star.

In another image released from the shoot, Gaga answers the question of what, exactly, is appropriate to wear along with a gigantic ostrich and marabou hat designed by Stephen Jones: absolutely nothing.

In the accompanying article, which isn’t yet available in full, she spoke about her upcoming fragrance, Fame, and re-purposing her famous meat dress — and not just for leftovers. “We were talking about putting the show together,” she says of her latest tour. “And I said, ‘OK, what if I was someone’s grandma and I was going to a concert tonight. How would I know that it was a Gaga show?’ And we all just sort of looked at each other and said,’The meat dress.’”

September is traditionally fashion magazines’ biggest issue of the year, and it’s considered an honor to be asked to grace the cover. Gaga previously was on the cover of Vogue in March 2011 with an inverted color palette from this go-round — at that time, the fashion of her love was pink hair and a white dress.

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