EW talks to Frank Marshall about keeping the action franchise going without Matt Damon

By Chris Nashawaty
August 10, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Frank Marshall knows a thing or two about keeping franchises fresh. After all, he’s responsible for the Indiana Jones adventures, the Back to the Future trilogy, and the Bourne saga, which continues this week with The Bourne Legacy. As Marshall’s latest film hits theaters, we checked in to see what else is on his to-do list.

EW How difficult was the decision to keep Bourne going without Matt Damon? Frank Marshall It was a risky situation because after the last one, Bourne knew who he was and he knew he didn’t want to be an assassin. So it didn’t leave us a lot of moves for a sequel.

EW Is there a chance that Damon could come back? Marshall Well, Bourne is still out there, so all possibilities are open.

EW Your wife and producing partner, Kathleen Kennedy, just became the co-chair of Lucasfilm. How will that change things? Marshall Now I can pitch her ideas over dinner! No, it’s an exciting opportunity for her to play with all of the toys up there, and we’ll continue to make Kennedy-Marshall films.

EW What was the movie where you first thought to yourself, I’m a producer now? Marshall 1973’s Paper Moon. I had my hands in every department — locations, budget, casting, marketing. Knowing a little bit about everything is what makes a good producer.

EW What’s next for you? Marshall We have a WikiLeaks project at HBO; a movie based on Roald Dahl’s The BFG: Big Friendly Giant at DreamWorks; we’re developing a script about the ”Miracle on the Hudson” pilot, Sully Sullenberger; and Jurassic Park IV, which will hopefully come out in 2014.

EW What about another Indy film? Marshall I know there’s a lot of rumors and I’d never say never, but I think there’s a slim chance.

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