2 DAYS IN NEW YORK Chris Rock and Julie Delpy

2 Days in New York

It’s a pleasure to meet up again with Marion, the distractible, acerbic, New York-based French photographer played once more by Julie Delpy in 2 Days in New York. This bouncy hand-knitted comedy of cross-cultural relationships, also directed and co-written by Delpy, makes a jaunty sequel to 2 Days in Paris, the star’s lovely 2007 feature-filmmaking debut. At least the quality of Marion’s boyfriends has improved. In the first movie, her beau was Jack, a Woody Allen-ishly peeved type played by Adam Goldberg. Now she lives in relative contentment in Manhattan with the infinitely cooler Mingus, played by Chris Rock with unexpected understatement as a guy who’s just as surprised as we are at this unlikely, intriguing coupling.

The lovers’ comfort is challenged by the arrival of a trio of Marion’s French kin, familiar from the previous movie and still bustling with a droll, hectic brand of self-absorption. As Marion’s bawdy, loopy father (real-life père Albert Delpy), her sexually competitive, passive-aggressive sister (Alexia Landeau), and Sis’ boorish boyfriend (Alex Nahon) invade the household, Delpy observes the hubbub wryly, paying smart attention to what matters in relationships, even (or especially) when knee-deep in mayhem. (Also available on VOD) B+

2 Days in New York
  • Movie
  • 91 minutes