It is well known that instead of starting with Rick talking into his walkie-talkie and then the group being pretty much already out of Atlanta, the original plan for The Walking Dead’s season 2 premiere was to pick up just seconds after the CDC was blown to bits in the season 1 finale. I was on set playing the part of a zombie for an intense sequence in which Shane’s car breaks down just a few blocks away from the explosion, leaving him isolated from the group and having to fight off and outrun an army of the undead before finally being rescued by the group in the RV. But what happened after that?

More of the story will be revealed when The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season DVD and Blu-ray sets are released on August 28. And you can get your first taste right here. In this exclusive clip following Shane’s rescue, we see the survivors trying to seek shelter with some familiar faces from season 1— Guillermo and the Vatos. But when Rick and Co. arrive back at the nursing home where Glenn was once held hostage, well…the people they find there are not people at all, setting off a frenzied attack. Click on the video player below to see for yourself.

And to see what happens when they go inside the building, as well as to hear showrunner Glen Mazzara’s very candid commentary on why the entire escape from Atlanta storyline was cut, check out the set when it is released on August 28. (I recommend the Limited Edition Blu-ray that comes in a zombie head with removable screwdriver that can be plunged repeatedly into the ghoul’s left eye socket.) And for more Walking Dead news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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