Sports Champion 2

This weekend’s closing ceremonies may signal the end of the Olympic summer games for another four years, but that doesn’t mean armchair athletes can’t continue their quest for the gold. Sports Champions 2 — sequel to Sony PlayStation 3’s 2010 Move-enabled entry — invites friends and family of all ages to compete in six different sports.

Utilizing the PlayStation Eye camera and the intuitive motion-sensing tech, sports vets and rookie players alike can participate in tournaments encompassing archery, boxing, golf, bowling, tennis, and skiing events. Supporting 1-4 couch competitors, Sports Champions 2 is great for casual gamers as well as more, er, spirited players. Character customization, accessible controls, and the ability to share photos of your most winning moments on Facebook round out the medal-winning fun. Olympic fever sufferers can get their fix when Sports Champions 2 crosses the finish line this fall.

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Sports Champion 2
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