Perry Farrell

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell is looking to bring a new kind of music performance series to primetime.

The Lollapalooza founder is shopping a project to broadcast networks that takes the TV music show out of the hands of amateur singers and gives it back to the pros. The series would simply feature spectacular live performances by popular artists — no judges, no eliminations.

One could see why networks might be intrigued: Music performance-driven award shows like the Grammys and CMAs have continued to rack up big ratings in recent years, even as the average audience for other genres has declined. Late-night talk shows, morning news shows, and Saturday Night Live likewise book popular artist performances a part of their lineups. Musical performances by popular artists were also once a staple of primetime on variety shows in TV’s Golden Age. Meanwhile, Farrell is keeping busy with Lollapalooza, having just played an aftershow in Chicago.

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