It’s a THREE-PEAT! Congratulations to Misty and Kerri — now three-time Olympic gold medalists and the best beach volleyball team in history. The pair, dubbed the Golden Girls due to their likenesses to Sophia and Blanche (nope), have been finding sand in weird places together for TWELVE YEARS. That’s nearly 2.1 million congratulatory mid-set ass pats!

Kerri and Misty have been the pinup girls of beach volleyball ever since their 2004 Athens win — and despite their wedgie-inducing uniforms and hot bods, I don’t mean “pinup” like that. I mean that every girl who decided to give beach volleyball a shot still has the Golden Girls tacked up somewhere on their bedroom walls. (Gabrielle Reece was on mine.) These two have set the tone of their sport and it’s gotten HUGE since then. Fun fact: Every player May and Walsh faced during the London games had started competitively after they’d won gold in Athens.

They are rock stars!

And they’re FUN. Along with their love for each other and pride in the sport, Misty and Kerri bring a sense of laid-back humor wherever they go. Misty gets up in the camera’s face after each match and rambles incessantly — name-dropping people back home, thanking the troops, blowing kisses. It may be tiresome, but who else would even do that? I love that she goes there.

Not to mention this dorky herp-derp dance after tonight’s London win:

Meanwhile, every time they win a match, Kerri trots around and high-fives not only the game officials, but all of the random little volunteers around the court! My heart melts each time one of them breaks out a belated ear-to-ear grin once he or she’s realized what just happened. They’re both just really lovable, down-to-earth champions.

Nowhere was that more evident than at their wrap-up interview with Bob Costas to close out primetime Wednesday night. Some of Costas’ interviews — with younger athletes media-trained into oblivion — can feel so stilted. But there were Misty and Kerri, casually ripping on themselves during footage of their gold-medal ceremony.

Misty: “Could my jacket go any higher?”

Kerri: “I look like my Dad!”

After that incisive play-by-play, Costas commented about what a “good feeling” that must have been, and Misty perked up: “That’s been our song all season!” Stone cold silence from Costas, who was all “What, the National Anthem?”

Kerri just winked at him and flicked her flip flop. “Flo Rida. Look it up.”

U.S.A! (beats) U.S.A.!


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