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While discussing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, we’ve spent quite a bit of time on the topic of Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter. We introduced you to the actress that plays her, Mackenzie Foy. We tried to get into the whole Jacob imprinting thing. We’ve tried to solve the mystery of her name (very nicely explained by author Stephenie Meyer). But now we must discuss…Chuckesmee.

Because director Bill Condon had to show Renesmee, who is half vampire and half human, maturing at a rapid rate, he tried a few different approaches. One idea that didn’t work was a nearly three-foot-tall Renesmee doll (or “that robot baby” as Robert Pattinson calls it) that quickly got dubbed, Chuckesmee.

“Chuckesmee was a giant misfire on all fronts,” Condon says. “Truly, it was one of the most grotesque things I’ve ever seen. It was a horror show! There was one shot where I call, ‘Cut!’ and suddenly she turns her head and mechanically stares right into the camera. It was incredibly disturbing.”

Condon ended using digital F/X instead. But not to worry, the director promises Chuckesmee will make an appearance on the DVD extras.

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