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Based on the comment boards on last night’s recap, there’s are two main camps of Big Brother viewers: People who don’t like Janelle, and people who really don’t like Janelle. I don’t really get the hate. I’ve always enjoyed Janelle’s sociopathic determination to succeed, and her peculiar Juggernaut-goes-to-Sweet-Valley-High combination of cooing flirtation and physical-powerhouse drive.

But there’s no denying the fact that, coming into tonight’s episode, Janelle had maneuvered herself into the sniper scopes of more than half of her housemates. Yeesh, an entire six-person alliance formed out of thin air with the specific purpose of eliminating Janelle and her brethren from the house. Could Janelle pull a rabbit out of her hat and avoid eviction? Well, in the end [SPOILER ALERT] Janelle was sent packing by an overwhelming margin. The Silent Six voted against her. Former protegé Wil voted against her. Smashley voted against her. Yeesh, even Jenn voted against her. It’s a whimper-not-a-bang departure for one of the great Big Brother players.

After Janelle’s departure, Frank managed to win the HoH competition — another tidal wave of power in his direction. At this point, Frank has either been on the block or in the HoH thronebed every week, an incredible run for a player that became one of the biggest threats in the house almost immediately…mostly because Janelle kept on insisting that he was one of the biggest threats in the house.

Check out my full recap of the episode here. In the meantime, start talking! Anyone sad to see Janelle go? With his main nemesis gone and his closest friend in the HoH room, can Mike Boogie keep his momentum going all the way to the Final Four?

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