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August 08, 2012 at 08:18 PM EDT

The penultimate episode of The Glee Project was last night, so some surprises should have been expected. But coming off last season’s ‘everybody wins something!’ finale, last night’s twist was anything but a win-win. At the last-minute, Ryan Murphy decided to cut two contestants instead of one, sending just three to duke it out for the ultimate prize next week. After last-chance performances from all five, 18-year-old Lily Mae Harrington and 18-year-old Michael Weisman both found themselves singing the eliminated castoff song, “Keep Holding On,” as the credits rolled.

EW chatted up both Lily and Michael together on the phone today to find out about their version of Murphy’s Law, Michael’s nerdy side finally coming out, and whether Lily regrets anything she said on the show (and you won’t believe her new roommate!).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Quite a surprise last night! On the show, Blake said that the most likely scenario was all five of you guys going to the finale. Did  you all talk at all about how you thought the end game would be?

Michael: Oh yeah. We came up with every possible permutation, except the one that actually happened.

EW: Did they give you any indication that more than one of you was going home?

Michael: No.

Lily: Not specifically this week, but other weeks it was made clear to us that Ryan Murphy can do whatever he wants. So, that’s what we came to the understanding of eventually; that everything was completely unexpected.

EW: The homework challenge was different this week too. Michael, you finally won a homework challenge. I loved that you were taking notes with Dianna [Agron, who was the guest mentor]. What did you take away from your meeting with her?

Michael: I learned so much from Dianna. She came so prepared and ready to share. I just felt like it was a good use of my time to take notes. It’s not very often you get to sit down with a Glee star and have them mentor you.

Lily: It’s the geeky nerd coming out in Michael!

Michael: Yeah, I was waiting for it. I [asked,] “Can I take notes?” and they were like, ‘Yes, you better!’ It was really funny. It helped. I was paying more attention when I took notes.

EW: How did you both feel about how the music video went last night?

Michael: I LOVED that music video. I think it’s definitely my favorite. Now that I’ve gotten to see all of them, “Perfect” is incredible. I loved it.

Lily: I thought it was really awesome that we got the opportunity to show our acting chops. Last season, they weren’t really able to. So we were all kind of waiting for a week like this. And I think we all did great. The final five got really, really close that week.

Michael: We did.

Lily: Because I think we had shared so much with each other. We had to trust each other a lot more than we had before, because we had to improv scenes. It was a great week.

Michael: It really was.

EW: Lily, on the show, sometimes you struggled with accepting constructive criticism. Watching the show back, would you change any of your reactions?

Lily: I would absolutely not take any word back that I have ever said on that show, ever. The words that I said were always honest and I meant them. I’ve learned so much from everything I’ve said and done. Taking constructive criticism has always been hard for me I guess, because I’m from a family where we joke around and bash each other a lot, so to actually take it and absorb it in and listen was a whole other step. I said before that I was completely honest in everything I’ve done in the competition and that’s me. If they’re writing a character, I’m showing them everything I possibly can. I’m not going to give a sugar-coated answer—when I’m asked what I thought, I’m going to give exactly what I think. I’m not going to hide that from anybody else. This competition is so adamant about being yourself, and that is what I do. Some people might not like it, but that’s me.

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