By Lynette Rice
August 08, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Craig Ferguson has been booted from his CBS soundstage!

Fortunately, the late show host has asked for the change in scenery: Tonight’s episode of the The Late Late Show marks Ferguson’s last show on Stage 58 in Los Angeles before he moves to bigger digs on the same lot in Aug. 27. (He’ll be on hiatus until then).

Here’s an early transcript from tonight’s monologue:

“Seven years of me complaining about what a dump this place is. Finally somebody at CBS heard me.  And today they sent me a little note.  It said, looking forward to the next chapter in our relationship. It kind of bothered me though because they wrote my name over Katie Couric’s.

” I have a lot of fond memories here. There was the time the power went out. And then, the time the roof leaked. And then, the other time the power went out, again.  But now we’re moving down the hall, where it has the exact same electrical system and the exact same roof.  We’ll be livin’ the dream!

“One thing that’s exciting, we’re gonna have a bigger audience. It won’t really make a difference; it’ll just be more people not laughing. But the new studio’s gonna be super high tech. We’ll have these new fancy gadgets they have at all the TV shows now, they’re called lights.”

Ferguson has occupied the Stage 58 since 2005, when he first took over for Craig Kilborn on The Late Late Show.