Before the Tramp makes his Broadway debut, the cast and crew of Chaplin has to recreate famous scenes from Charlie Chaplin’s most iconic movies frame by frame. EW has an exclusive green screen video of star Rob McClure shooting the famous “bread roll ballet” from 1925’s The Gold Rush (complete with an imitation set with the newspaper tablecloth with heart cut-outs).

In the video below, McClure and director/choreographer Warren Carlyle discuss the difficulty of recreating such a simple scene.

Here’s a clip from the original film.

The biographical musical of the silent film star, which also stars Christiane Noll, Jim Borstelmann, Jenn Colella, Erin Mackey, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Michael McCormick and Zachary Unger will open on Sept. 10 at the Barrymore Theatre.

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