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Credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images

Who’s a better deal: Anderson Cooper or Sean Hannity? The Daily Beast has compiled a pretty exhaustive list of each newscaster’s salary and viewers, giving everyone a cost per viewer number. The answers may surprise you.

Anderson Cooper, the buzzy silver fox over at CNN, is the most expensive for a network: His reported 11 million dollar salary for Anderson Cooper 360 costs CNN $18.09 per viewer. On the other end of the scale, Today’s new co-host Savannah Guthrie’s two million dollar paycheck costs NBC just 47 cents a viewer.

You can check out The Daily Beast’s gallery for the full list, but some surprises that stuck out to us: Piers Morgan is costly for CNN; his six million dollar salary means the network must shell out $10.71 per viewer. Brian Williams and Robin Roberts are bargains — just $1.68 and $1.30 per viewer, respectively.

The article points out that obviously a lot of unquantifiable things go into newscasters’ salaries, not just eyeballs tuning in. The network is paying for the name, and the prestige and trust that go along with it. The Daily Beast also reports that demographics, not just total viewers, play a big part in determining value. For what it’s worth, reps for the network mostly declined to comment, and one rep told the Beast that the salary numbers were “wildly inaccurate.”

But maybe they just don’t want Guthrie asking for a raise.

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