Reviews of the latest releases from Rebecca Ferguson, Scissor Sisters, and more

Rebecca Ferguson, Heaven

Amy (as in Winehouse) and Aretha (as in you-know-who) both come to mind on the U.K. X Factor runner-up’s full-throated debut. The soul chanteuse unspools 11 gorgeous tracks, led by the epic single ”Nothing’s Real but Love.” A-Tanner Stransky

2:54, 2:54

British sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow are obsessed with throbbing guitars and spacious, haunting production — they’re like the Brontë sisters of atmospheric drone-rock (see swelling dirges ”Scarlet” and ”Ride”). Teenage Wiccans, you’ve officially found your summer soundtrack. B+Kyle Anderson

Scissor Sisters, Magic Hour

How long can these cheeky freaks throw the same party? Nearly a decade after the band’s raunchy rise, their glammy dance-pop has been eclipsed by the new, post-electrophobe Top 40. So they’ve adjusted accordingly, adding next-gen names like Calvin Harris and Azealia Banks to the guest list to keep things at least semi-fresh. BRay Rahman

[Correction: The print version of these reviews erroneously listed Rebecca Ferguson as the winner of U.K. X Factor in 2010. She was actually the runner-up.]