By Dan Snierson
Updated August 06, 2012 at 09:57 PM EDT
Chris Haston/NBC

While you’re busy figuring out how many more swings you’ve got left in that summer hammock, the broadcast networks are already focusing on the fall, preparing to push a bunch of new shows across your television screens. Not surprisingly, many will feature a familiar face or two. Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis stand imposingly on opposite sides of the law in CBS ’60s-era drama Vegas. Terry O’Quinn is downright devilish as an upscale apartment building owner in ABC’s 666 Park Avenue. David Krumholtz and Michael Urie are partners in CBS’ Partners.

You can get your first sneak peek of the season this week, when NBC previews Go On (Aug. 8), a comedy featuring Matthew Perry as a glib (were you expecting a different adjective?) sports talk radio host who’s forced to try group therapy to help him cope with his wife’s death, and Animal Practice (Aug. 12), a comedy in which Weeds‘ Justin Kirk stars as a highly skilled vet who doesn’t enjoy humans and whose closest friend is “Dr. Rizzo,” played by… the drug-dealing, cigarette-smoking monkey from The Hangover 2. (Her credits also include Night at the Museum and Community.) The capuchin — whose real name is Crystal — will be up to all kinds of tricks, from running a gambling ring to going on rounds in a toy car. All while wearing a lab coat. And playing a male monkey.

Now, we’re not saying this is any sort of scientific measure, but at a recent NBC party during the Television Critics Association semi-annual press tour, the two biggest crowds were gathered around Sarah Palin (who was attending because husband Todd is competing in the upcoming reality show Stars Earn Stripes) and, yes, little Crystal. And so we ask: Is it possible that it’s not a Perry or a Quaid but a simian that is the famous face you’re most excited about seeing on a new show this fall? Take a look at this list of familiar names and then cast a vote in our poll with your opposable thumbs.

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