There are so many reasons to cheer for Missy Franklin. Winning five medals, four of them gold, at the London Games, the six-foot one-inch 17-year-old embodies the future of USA Swimming at the Olympics. Missy’s also committed to the purity of the sport, having turned down endorsement deals and agency representation in order to retain her amateur status and compete in NCAA swimming after she graduates next year from Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado. Following Aurora’s tragic movie theater shooting on July 20, she dedicated her very first gold medal, in the 100 meter backstroke, to the victims–and she continues to swim competitively with her high school team. In short, Missy’s a winner in and out of the pool.

And she has great taste when it comes to pop culture too. What has Missy been watching, reading, and listening to on her quest for the gold? EW got the Olympic Champion to share, via email, her own Must List of movies, TV shows, books and music that she’s brought with her to enjoy during her down time in London.

Missy Franklin’s Must List

Movies I’ve Brought With Me to London:Tangled was a definite must-bring. And I’m borrowing the movie Despicable Me from a teammate.”

My Favorite Work-Out Music: “Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Jason Derulo and Rihanna. Basically, anything with a good beat is great to work out to. When I’m trying to relax and cool down, I really enjoy listening to Jack Johnson. And I just downloaded JB’s new album. That’s Justin Bieber, for you. It’s fantastic!” [Bieber also tweeted his congratulations to Missy for her gold-medal performance in the 100 meter backstroke.]

My Favorite TV Shows: “I love Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf.”

My Favorite Read:The Hunger Games, for sure!”

Now that her competition is over, Missy hopes to switch from athlete to tourist. Her first stop? Visit Buckingham Palace. And then, after she’s soaked up enough local color in London, she has a special request for her parents: “After the Olympics are over, I’m hoping that I can convince my mom and dad to take me to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, especially since it’s so close to London.” Mom and Dad, we hope you’re listening.

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